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d20 RPGs, D&D 3.5, Pathfinder

I'm Quondel. I'm 62 years old. In September 2013, I relocated from Atlanta, GA to Greensboro, NC. I've been playing Dungeons & Dragons since 1979. While I have loved every version of the game, I especially love D&D 3.5 edition. My friends and I get together on a semi-regular basis to play. I am frequently the DM, but occasionally I get to play a PC or two. I'm an avid user of TheOnlySheet Plus (TOS+).

Other pencil & paper RPGs that I love (but don't get to play much) include Star Trek RPG published by Last Unicorn Games; Boot Hill from TSR, Inc.; Advanced Marvel Super Heroes by TSR; DC Heroes by Mayfair Games, Inc. Because most of these games are no longer published, I don't have the opportunity to play either of these much, although I would if I could find a group of players also interested in playing them.

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