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Is there anybody out there?


I have done both my fair share of playing and GMing, but these days I don't really identify myself as either. Frankly, I'm most interested in assorted GM-less low-prep games right now.

The thing is, I am really itching to try a ton of games. After trying out a handful of very focused indie games I developed a taste for that kind of play. I like my games to be about something. I like that something to have meaning. I like the games mechanics to drive relentlessly toward those things. I like to have my buttons pushed. I like to really learn something about myself and about my fellow gamers when I play.

I think trying a game for a handful of sessions then moving on to another game sounds pretty good right now. Years long campaigns aren't my thing anymore. I wank to explore!

I live in the North Tabor neighborhood on the east side. I'm not opposed to travelling elsewhere in the city as long as trimet is a viable option.

If this sounds interesting to you please introduce yourself! omneitor at

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