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New Player. Looking for DND or Pathfinder

New to DND and Pathfinder! Name's Kasa, but I go by Queenie online.

I'm looking for either a DND or Pathfinder game with a group based out of Denton. I'm most comfortable with people around my own age (so between 20 and 30) and am a lot more comfortable with women than men, so a group with at least one or two other women would be ideal.

I would like a RELATIVELY casual game, since I've never played before and don't want to overwhelm myself with either too much plot or too much combat, with a typical High Fantasy setting.

I want a group that meets either once a month, once every other week, or once a week. I do NOT want to play online, as one of my driving reasons for wanting to play is to attempt to be more social and meet with people in person. I can't drive so meets must be in Denton so I can bus to location or else ask for rides once I'm comfortable around my fellow players.

I do have my own dice and a character I want to use already in mind, though I will need helping building her character sheet and stuff. (Frieda, 33, 6' 2" and weighing in at a modest 315lbs, female, either a Fighter or a Barbarian. She's a performer (a strong woman) and a goat farmer prior to beginning her adventures.)


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