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I'm so tired of MOBA games, time to get real

Ever daydream about inventing your own custom board game, battle map, role playing game, etc..?? I have my whole life. I'm looking for both right brainers and left brainers to begin a GAME DEVELOPMENT & DESIGN GROUP. I will fund the supplies and construction costs. ATTENTION I'm not looking to start a company. And we can talk about for proprietary information, just ask me. If I ever do make money off a specific game that you participated in the development of we will make sure to have had some type of compensation agreement i contract . I want to produce games that are addictive, exciting, and expandable, cross multiple genres and meld game mechanics so they apeal to a broad audience. I want to make games that are thought-provoking as well as fun, and that people wouldnt always feel the need to drink or do drugs to be social. I have nobody to design/play with and I'm tired of game crafting alone because I get burned out mulling over rabbit trails and tangents. I'm starting to waste too much money, time and energy devoloping ideas that I don't use or set aside. When we meet in person we can reveiw my inventory and workshop. Im always under construction because I'm not sure what exactly I'm doing and I could use some intelligent creative people be a part of this effort. If you're interested to learn a bit more, I will be glad to speak with you on phone or email. My influences AND experience are FANTASY SCIENCE FICTION METAPHYSICS, philosophy of Mind, artificial intelligence, PARANORMAL PHENOMENA, ALIENS, DEMONS, WARRIOR ANGELS, MEDEVIAL, D&Ď, MAGIC, RISK, AGET OF Empires, Starbucks Craft, Warcraft 3, Dota, Hero's of the Storm, Game of Thrones, Starwars, StarTrek, AVATAR, Pulp Fiction, Philosophy, Space, Astro Physics, Quantum Mechanics,

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