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Harnmaster Campaign


WHO CAN JOIN? Those who are interested in an early medieval and realistic RPG are welcome to join my campaign. You should enjoy details: pen and paper, planning and preparation. What your character has in its backpack has to be roleplayed and logged. If it's not on paper, it doesn't exist.

ARE THERE ANY PLAYERS IN THE GROUP AT THIS POINT? No, I just posted the ad. 3 to 5 players would probably be a good group size, but the group can make that decision.

WHO IS THE GM? I'm born and raised in Sweden. I moved to the states in 2006. I play pickup hockey when I get the chance. I have played, besides Harnmaster, Drakar & Demoner (a Swedish game). Shadowrun, and Runequest, Traveler, and lately DCC. Some D&D, but very little. I used to regularly visit GothCon, a Swedish convention for rpg gamers. This is an attempt to find work life balance, bringing back some fun gaming into my life.

THE WORLD AND THE RULES. I'm just done building a campaign in the HarnWorld setting (similar to anglo-saxon time period, but with a touch of fantasy) on the misty isle of Harn using HarnMaster 3 as the rule set. You can read about the game on the publisher's ( or websites. They both have their own versions of the game, I prefer, but they both serves me well. You can also tune in to the Harn community at

This world is realistic in the sense that the presence of magic and gods are rare, but do happen. The game rules are realistic in the sense that PC's more often than not dies from infection from wounds a few days after a battle rather than the immediate impact from a weapon on the battlefield. Thus, engaging in combat is highly risky. I will mirror the canon material but add a little more doom and gloom. People in this world are deeply religious and superstitious. Uncertainty plays a big role: fear for witchcraft has lead to many killings of innocent people.

FREQUENCY OF GAMING SESSIONS. Since I am working, studying, and being a father of two young children, I will run this campaign slowly. Ideally we would meet once a month, but I expect some sessions to be postponed, come close to midterm or what have you.

THE CAMPAIGN. The main ideas of the campaign is already created. It's a low fantasy setting and requires active role playing because intrigues will outweigh physical encounters. Planning and preparing will take a large part of the gaming. There will be a common theme through the campaign, yet side tracks will not be discouraged. The world has been described in details and I encourage you to explore it.

"The gods have blessed you with a noble birth. Life has been good until last year when your father died in a violent incident. Your mother, who is carrying the burden alone, have sent you and your siblings to relatives and allies to prepare you for the future life. Some of you will take on the responsibilities that your father had, but some of you must seek a future elsewhere. You are all back in the village valley this summer to help out with the harvest. Today, an unexpected visit will change your life. Horsemen are approaching your quiet village, you can see them in the distance whipping up a cloud of dry dust from the dirt road. Nothing will ever be the same again. Your mother's face turns pale as the men gets off their horses, she curtsies them welcome along with a stiff smile."

WHEN AND WHERE WILL THE GAME START? As soon as we have 3 or more players. The first couple of sessions will be dedicated to character generation and pre-games. If the group agrees, we can run the game at Game Kastle in Fremont or Mountain View.

May the gods protect you.

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