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A GM with no Life outside of Gaming

Greetings, my name is Jordan, I am an eighteen year old with 8 years of D&D experience, I currently run a large group in a rather generic campaign while I work on my masterpiece, a small society running through dungeon crawls, competing with each other groups for jobs in a homebrew world using Pathfinder Rules. I run Pathfinder Games a game from Paizo that used the 3.5 rules, anyone with a familiarity of 3.5, or even without is free to join my network, always have lots of players looking for a GM. Majority of Players tend to be in the 14-19 range however, so Mature players beware, you won't find experiencedD&D players from 1st and 2nd edition here.

I would like to learn a new game system as a player, anyone needing players for GURPS, WoD, AFMBE, etc. who wants a new player, be sure to message me.

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