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Stage actor, tabletop tactician

What appeals to me is a good mix of role-playing and problem-solving, with lively characters who are more than just a bundle of statistics and worlds that are more than just a static backdrop. I'm pretty flexible about genre; I've enjoyed fantasy, pseudo-historical, superheroes, and science fiction. What's important is the story and the interactions among players and with the imagined world.

I'm married, so games need to be predictable in schedule, and I'm frequently involved with stage plays, as either an actor or director, so weekday evenings aren't a good bet for consistent attendance. I'm in my forties, but still advise at Rice University, so I'm comfortable with a variety of age groups. I've done a fair bit of refereeing, but like to play, too; my former group (now dispersed to grad school and out-of-state jobs) used to rotate referees and campaigns, which was a lot of fun.

I've listed several systems in the tags for this profile, but many I own just for the background, not for the rules set. I far prefer flexible, generic rules like GURPS, Savage Worlds, or FATE.


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