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CaT mad magic woman wants to find friends!

Heya newbie gamer here, I've watched games many years ago, used to airsoft and went to a few medieval reenactments.I used to be part of a group that played settlers of cataan, and played magic the gathering a long long time ago so it's all very hazy. I do have a hero quest board game, discworlds one and catan. Looking to really join in and make friends find a local tablet top of board game group or like-minded friend in Ramsey. I'd love to play Kickstarter games of anyone has some to try of the new ones that come out, learning new games can be silly and hilarious and complex a real challenge. Huge sci-fi and fantasy fan, but limited due to having cat and fibromyalgia on where I can go and when sadly so would have to be very loca l. Not sure what else to say so hi! Hello konichiwa!

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