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Players, Old and New Welcome

Groups that drink mountain dew and slay monsters together, have good times together.

I am currently looking for a couple of players for a set of adventures in my campaign world and if we mesh well, a full campaign. Couples, new players, old players are welcome. Cool people, nice people, fun people, weird people all very welcome too.

We play here at my house, in a big den with a nice big table and plenty of space, minis and room for beer flasks and tacos.

Our main goals are to kill some monsters, take their treasure and save a bunch of people, the world, stuff like that. Collectively, we aren't super rule lawyers but players that are prepared are appreciated. There's a lot of table teamwork in decision making so players that like to do their own thing are probably not a good fit. Our times are super flexible for who can attend. Traditionally, once we get going on a campaign we meet on average x2 a month.

My main goal is to have each night be a great story, a chance for plenty of dice rolling and decision making and to discover some mysteries of the various adventures I run. For that, please see my blog and you can get a sense of the adventures I run and also the campaign world in general. I've run about 5 full campaigns in the last 6 years, so if you want to join something that you can keep your character and develop things in an unfolding game world, this might be your table.

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