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Players, Old and New Welcome

My name is Thomas and I live in central San Diego. For about 5 years now I've ran different groups through my campaign world and story arcs.

I am currently looking for a couple of players for a set of adventures in my campaign world. Couples, new players, old players are welcome. Cool people, nice people, fun people, weird people all very welcome too.

We play here at my house, in a big den with a nice big table and plenty of space, minis and room for beer flasks and tacos.

Our main goals are to kill some monsters, take their treasure and save a bunch of people, the world, stuff like that. Collectively, we aren't super rule lawyers but players that are prepared are appreciated. There's a lot of table teamwork in decision making so players that like to do their own thing are probably not a good fit. Our times are super flexible for who can attend. Traditionally, once we get going on a campaign we meet on average x2 a month.

My main goal is to have each night be a great story, a chance for plenty of dice rolling and decision making and to discover some mysteries of the various adventures I run. For that, please see my blog and you can get a sense of the adventures I run and also the campaign world in general.

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