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Looking to run Amber, recently from the east coast

I go by many games. I’ve been playing RPGs since high school, and the first thing that I started with was Robotech, Southern Cross to be specific. Since then I’ve played story-based games, fighting games, and so many games, that I can’t even remember all of them properly, and I have spent more than an appropriate amount of money on them. I’ve recently moved back to Arizona, now I’m not a native to this area I’m actually a native to the east coast Middletown Connecticut. But a few years ago my wife (who I met out here) and I move to the east coast to try and broaden our professional prospects and let her experience my hometown. We decided that the desert is more for us and we came back here to Phoenix Arizona. Now there are many things that I like about living here but one of the drawbacks that I have found is that it’s kind of hard to find people to game with. There are plenty of people play video games, go online MMORPGs, but actually sitting down tabletop face to face Role Playing Gamers are becoming more and more rare and all the ones I grew up with are thousands of miles away. There’s always that awkward bit of getting to know new people that you eventually work out; but new gamers and getting to know the game, the style what they play or they run things just a little differently. I’ll meet a whole town full of new people to find some good gamers, but it kind of gets difficult so I find it’s best to try and put as much out in front as I can and see who I can reach. So here I am, reaching out to you in a manner of speaking through nearby Gamers. This intrigues me and I saw that there are plenty of people on here that are interested in Amber diceless something that I love to play but haven’t found too many people that want to play. In fact it’s something that I love to run but Amber games are more plot story and story arcs and not really great for one-offs. Therefore, my goal is to reach out to all of you local Amber fans and see if you’re interested in playing and Amber game. One that I would be running I’m not sure how frequently we would get together to play but I’m hoping that it would be at my place I’m here in the valley so it’s not too bad of travel for everybody. The goal is to start something at least character bidding and building before the end of the year I always like to get things done close to the new year so when it comes time to advance characters everybody’s got an idea of when that should be advancing. I like to play stories and run stories with complex characters with many subtle nuances not just here generic cookie cutter Heroes or Villains but with things that make them quirky things that may upset me or upset other players but make for a great story. These are the things that I look for in the games I play and especially in the games that I run I try to keep it fluid and I don’t try to do things strictly by the book in a ro-bo-tic following the rules sort of way I get flexible all for the sake of a good story. I want to see what we can do if we all work together on a game so contact me if you’re still paying attention to this I’ll checking in to see if people are still looking for people who want to play a game, and if not hey it was worth a shot no harm in trying.

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