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Need Warhammer 40k players!!

Hi! I moved to Parramatta not too long ago and I'm really missing having regular games of Warhammer 40K. I used to play at least once a week in the last place I lived, but I don't know anyone here who plays, and I'm not a big fan of going to Games Workshop because of the effort/parking involved when there isnt even a guarantee of a game :P. AND you can't drink there. I like to have a few beers when I play. I'm planning on eventually getting a bigger place to live and devoting a room to Warhammer, including a full size table. I'm looking for any players (preferably over 18) who want to have regular, or even just occasional games. I also have a Skaven army for Warhammer Fantasy that I'm keen to use, but I'm still learning the rules. I'm really easy to get along with and don't take the game too seriously. It's all about having fun after all!

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