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Wants: indie narrative rpg group & freeform larps.

Mature (a polite word for old) roleplayer looking for group or individuals to play indie or other narrative rpgs. I've played Dogs in the Vineyard, My Life with Master, The Pool and a few others and I've read and digested many more, but I haven't had the opportunity to play and put many of these interesting games to the test.

Top of the wishlist at the moment would be With Great Power, The Mountain Witch, Polaris, Dont Rest Your Head and Primetime Adventures But I'm interested in playing anything that is story focussed especially if its easy to pick up. The attitude of the players is more important than Genre.

I've got a family, so time is a drama. Wednesdays or Thursdays are the only evenings that I can manage.

Ideally I would like to be part of a group that met face to face to play narrative games. Each game being give a few weeks or if necessary longer so the story can progress through a beginning, middle and end and the characters develop. Then the story would be brought to a close, the characters issues resolved one way or another and the game finished and put away so that another game can be played with a new situation and new characters.

Though I prefer face to face interaction I'd be very interested in being part of an online gaming group if it played in real time via chat or skype or similar. I don't seem to be able to keep my interest levels going in forum style play, so that's not for me.

I'm also keen to hear about any LARP games in the area. I enjoy freeform theatre-style LARPs, the sort of things that are typically one-off games with prewritten characters. For some reason I've never felt the urge to play Vampire, werewolf or that style of LARP.

At the moment I'm not interested in playing any d20 games or anything that has its roots in war gaming. And because I only have so much time I'm unlikely to play anything that has a thick rulebook or supplements.

In my previous life I've played a lot of HeroQuest (the Issaries RPG not the MB boardgame) and before that decades of Runequest; plus all the usual suspects in more limited amounts. I might be happy to play some HeroQuest again though its not a pressing need; but at the moment I'm not looking to play Runequest. I've also done my fair share of running round old buildings with a rubber sword, written a pretty good combat LARP ruleset and organised a fair number of such games in the last decade or so; but again, this is not something I'm currently after.

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