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About Me:

I'm mainly trying to occupy myself with Warhammer Fantasy at the moment. I've been interested in the game system since 5th edition but didn't take the plunge and invest in an army until recently. I am starting to work on terrain projects dealing with cheap and found materials (until I can put up enough dough for a few fancy resin kits).

Play Style:

I prefer casual, friendly games with easy going folks. While it is necessary to go about Warhammer with some drive to win (if you ever hope to improve), I'd never put winning before having fun. I enjoy an element of fluff to my games and attempt to create detailed backstories for my armies and the battles they fight. This gave rise to my interest in playing ongoing campaigns and writing up scenarios. I began playing my first army (Orcs & Goblins) because I liked the way the minis looked. This should be a deciding factor for anyone interested in starting an army as you'll spend weeks modeling and painting the army before its ready to field. The other thing I dug about Orcs & Goblins is the diversity of unit types available, having the option to run a massive all-Night Goblin horde list one weekend and the following a super-mover all-mounted list. It gives me the flexibility to mess around with different tactics without changing army books (and more importantly buying and painting new minis).

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