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Mostly historical miniatures, some board wargames (think SPI and Avalon Hill), some sci fi and fantasy.

I'm an "old school" gamer, started with AH Panzerblitz in 1976, quickly discovered SPI and Metagaming and moved on to miniatures in the early 1980's. Ran a small game company called ArmourSoft in the 1990's, published a computer-assist naval miniatures ruleset called Shipbase III, and have been designing games since 1982.

My interests vary. Right now I'm interested in finding gamers who are close to home (I'm smack dab between Dushore and Mehoopany PA, about 30 minutes west of Dushore) and who can meet given my bizarre, rotating 12-hour shift work schedule. I've got a fairly good-sized gaming area set up in my basement (hence my proto-club working title, "They Who Meet in Darkness").

My main gaming interests these days are naval (mostly Pre-Dread through WWII) and WWII 6mm, with some sci fi/humour thrown in.

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