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Husband & Wife Gamers - Gaming saves or sanity!

My husband (Stephen) and I (Tamra) are looking for a reliable group. Stephen has run D & D, Shadowrun, Champions, D20 Modern, Twilight 2013, WoD, Star Wars, (just to name a few off the top of my head). At present, he is very much into the Savage Worlds system, due to its diversity and relatively economical pricing. So, I'd consider him an experienced GM and player, who has been gaming for more years than he cares to admit.

He would also like the opportunity to have a 'break' and be a player once in a while.

I've dabbled in many of his games since shortly after we met in 2003, but I wouldn't consider myself a super experienced gamer; tending to be a little more into the storytelling aspects more than the stereotypical 'dungeon crawls'.

We can, generally, avail ourselves on weekends. However, if we play on Sunday, we would have to end by approximately 8pm, due to Stephen working very early mornings.

Since we have two kids (8 and 11), we are used to hosting. The 11 year old has even started learning the tabletop ropes of late, for that matter. We wouldn't mind the occasional break from hosting, however, if that is the preference.

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