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Lets see here... Long time gamer, +15 years. I started w/ D&D when it was in the red book phase, and went fromm there. I've played/or run (in no particular order); D&D (in all its various editions excepting 4th), EarthDawn, MegaTraveller, Battletech, Mechwarrior, Robotech, Renegade Legion, GUPRS Transhuman Space!, a bunch of White Wolf Stuff ages ago, Shadowrun (lots of Shadowrun, too much really), Rifts (can you say that in public?), GURPS Interstellar Wars, and who know what else. System-wise I prefer flexible & rules light, and on the simulationist end of things, though I have just discovered FATE (and bought a copy of Diaspora which I am dying to play). GURPS has been my system of choice for the last 5 years, but I have never really been taken with it. I'd love to put together (or join) a smallish group for a scifi game of some sort, system and all that is way less important than it being fun, and everyone getting on well. email me @ mckee b at gmail dot you know what.

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