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Looking for escapism and adventure!

I'm a lifelong gamer looking to keep up with my hobby of escapism and adventure! I'm new to the Bay Area and looking to hook up for some fun games, pretty much anything with paper and dice, though after more than 25 years with D&D, I think I'd prefer a change of pace. Mutants and Masterminds is my first choice since I'm a huge comic book geek, but I'd be willing to hit up some Gothic settings with the World of Darkness, or some good old fashioned Palladium settings (I'd love to get into some TMNT or Rifts, if people are still playing those!)

I strongly prefer to be a PC. If I get to know a group for awhile I CAN fill in as DM, buy I am not good at it.

Some stuff about me: I've played D&D most of my life (about 25 years), starting with original First Edition and going through Second, Third, 3.5, Fourth, and (very little) Fifth. I think 4e is my favorite (DON'T JUDGE ME). I really like the freshness of it after so much time playing the more down-to-earth, generic fantasy of earlier editions, buy I've appreciated and enjoyed my time with it all.

As a note (and to save face): I feel like there's a lot of meta reasons that people don't like D&D4e. It wasn't what people expected when it launched and I think the strange newness put people out and disappointed them (particularly since the books were so goddamn expensive). Yes, the combat felt more like a video game/MMORPG, but I actually felt like this added to the visualization of it and, to an extent, made it more stylized and less down to earth, which I, personally, appreciated after over 20 years of very straight-forward, Tolkein-esque D&D. I also felt like the strange and stylized powers and class sets made the characters stand out more - again, if you were expecting something very high fantasy, this was obviously not going to be for you. The only other complaint that I've heard is that dumbing down the skills (which was maintained for 5e, I'd like to point out), killed the roleplaying potential of the system...but at the end of the day, no one can do that but the players and the DMs, so while the system itself perhaps did not explicitly encourage RPing as much as its predecessors, it certainly didn't discourage it so much as made it more free-form. At the end of the day, I enjoyed the change of pace and I think if Wizards of the Coast had rebranded it as something other than D&D, it would have been more favorably received, but I do not hold it against anyone who disliked it or preferred the original D&D, Pathfinder, or 5e.


I've also played a smattering of Modern d20, Palladium RPs (Heroes UnlimIted, Rifts, and Nightspawn mostly), WoD (a few sessions of Mage and Werewolf, buy I enjoyed it!), Burning Wheel, and Mutants and Masterminds (I REALLY loved that system and would love to explore it more). Ultimately, I'm down for just anything, though my characters tend to be somehow deviant from the norm - particularly in more down-to-Earth settings.

I'm very laid back and approachable. Shoot me a message with any having opportunities you might have, or just to chat up someone new!

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