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I may be new, but I'm ready to raid

Hey there,

Thanks for checking out my profile. I'm here like everyone else to find some gaming friends. I've been watching Tabletop for the last few years and I've really wanted to play some of games I saw on it. I've moved around a lot - new or the area so I don't know too many people and that's I'm trying this site and

I'm looking to try out D&D, experience some of the games I saw on Table Top, as well as possibly getting back into MTG. Though I am new to board gaming, between the D&D live streams, watching Table Top, as well as playing strategy based video games RPG's, dungeon crawlers and occasionally MMO's, I do feel I have a decent concept of the games.

If you've got room for one more, then by all means feel free to send me a message.

Sidetone: I'm a writer and the aspect of D&D that most interest me is the storytelling, that being said I'm not clawing to take over as DM/GM.

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