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Haslett / East Lansing d20 group (Pathfinder/3.5)

This profile is representing me - a 26 y/o male and my gf, a 27 y/o female.

I am from the Lansing area, but left for school / career. I came back with my gf and we have been in the area for about a year. We are looking for some casual roleplaying fun with new friends. We are looking to join an existing group in the in the Haslett area (or East Lansing / Lansing), or better yet - host a group at our house (possibly GM, though we are both inexperienced in that regard and are without materials)

I have experience with DnD 3.5 from when I was younger and from many computer games. My girlfriend is brand new to DnD, but has played computer RPG's / MMO's and gets the basics.

I am interested in playing Pathfinder for the most part, but 3.5 comes at a close second. I would be up for 5e if it came down to it, but want to stick with what I know. (My gf doesn't know the difference between these, so I guess I get to pick!).

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