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15+ year gamer. Looking for a local group.

15+ year gamer, looking for a local group. My group of friends/players unfortunately are quite a distance away. Having a young family, I can't devote half a day's travel to go play with them. Looking for a local group and willing to play most anything with a serious tone (i.e. not Paranoia, though once in a while is fun too.) I am introverted, but friendly. Not at all p.c., though I would never try and make someone feel uncomfortable. If you're good people, you'll earn a friend for life in me. I love D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder and know the rules pretty much inside and out. Passionate about L5R, Deadlands and White Wolf. Short Shadowrun campaigns are fun as are long running Noir or Conspiracy X games. Pretty much up to try any new games as long as they have a decent system. Willing to play during the weekend, once or twice a month. Work schedule is Monday through Friday, so it won't be an issue. I do have a young family however, so the rare birthday party or vacation may dictate playing schedule.

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