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Desperately seeking game

A long time gamer, I was taught by my mother and learned on Ad&d - 2nd ed. I most often wind up a DM (when and if I get to play) despite my being ver y tired of it. I enjoy a good battle and can hold my own, but my true stregnth lies in Role Playing and skill use (I often play a rogue or wizard). It has been a long long long time since I had a satisfying gaming night. I blame this on my old group growing apart and most of us going off to different colleges. I have become familiar with 3.5 D&D (but am not exclusive to it if you wish to run a different system all I ask is that you give me time to catch up), but havent had much opportunity to play be cause the gamers in my area are very difficult to get to show up anywhere since their former DM went into the military. Look me up if you need a player or are looking for a new DM to exploit.

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