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Early 30's laidback couple. D&D

My wife and I are looking to get into a new D&D game. Both of us are in our early 30's and laid back. Both of us are punctual and reliable. If we start a campaign we'll be there for years and be at every session. No kids and no intention of having any so no bed times or other obligations other than the m-f 8-5. I got my start in D&D 20 years ago and while the first few years I was a player I've been the DM since. I would like to try being a player again, but would rather DM than not play at all. My wife has played with me and groups that I've put together for the last ten years. Both of us are more about the roleplaying and the story than sticking to the rules. We have plenty of space at our house for campaigning if you don't mind dogs that love people (beagle and lab).

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