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Hello and have some LOVE from Linux

Hello and have some LOVE from Linux

Please don't let my Username mislead you - I'm an amicable and altruistic kind of guy not really into the whole powergaming and/or munchkin personas.

I currently belong to a Pleasant Hill gaming group. I grew up playing videogames and was introduced to table top RPGs (specifically White Wolf Studios' MAGE) in college. Since then I've grow to love pen and paper RPGs with some of my favorites being Call of Cthulhu, Paranoia, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Ars Magica, Savage Worlds, and just about anything by White Wolf.

Thank you for your interest in my profile and have a pleasant day.

If you have any questions regarding RPGs these are the best resources hands down.

This is website number 1 -

This is website number 2 -

Happy Regards - Liquid

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