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Willing to try almost any RPGs, pref 5e

I enjoy trying pretty much anything. Would love to try some new stuff too Star Wars, Dragonlance (not new obv,but never done it myself and I LOVE the Dragonlance universe), Marvel Heroes, whatever, worst case, I don't like it, but I wont know until I've tried it.

My history of RPGs

- Scion way back when.

- Most of experience is in Pathfinder, where I've played at least almost a dozen different characters/campaigns.

- Played a campaign of 5e and I loved it. This is definitely what I'm mostly interested in

- 7th Sea I really enjoyed, but would less than likely prefer to play again anytime soon

- L5R, not a fan, too much etiquette stuff

I'm not much of a DM, I dont really enjoy it, not very good at it.

I tend to typecast myself as a reckless rogueish character often times, but thats usually just my go to initial character type. I thoroughly enjoy many different manners of characters. One of my favorite campaigns was playing 17levels of Pathfinder healer Cleric, and I would love to try one in 5e

I'm a student at Centennial (back at it at least as of January) and I dont drive so I am kinda 50/50 Oshawa/Scarborough depending on my school schedule. When I am in Scarborough I stay at my Grandparents, so gaming there is good.

I also LOVE random board games. I have spent entirely too much money on Marvel Legendary, and am always willing to try a new game at least once

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