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Hello everyone! I am Kleano! I am a 27yr old male that lives in Broward County and I need some new friends. I want to get together some times and maybe drink, eat, hang out, what ever. I want to create an awesome group of friends, guys and girls, aliens and monsters. I want to play Overwatch, League of Legends, and also get some computer enthusiasts in this group. Maybe even go on trips together and go to events. Who knows, the possibilities are not so limited. It doesn't matter if you're interested in only one or even all things. You are welcome. I only Have Overwatch on Xbox right now, but I will probably get it on PC as well eventually. Doesn't matter what system you play on, join anyway and I am sure eventually we will get more people in the group that do play on the same systems. Lastly if anyone is into Robotics, I am very interested in learning. So you join the group too. :)

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