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Old Crone Gamer

Very old school gamer, focusing on the story and having fun more than worrying about who the best is. Often I am the GM/DM/Referee .... whatever the game calls it. I own many manuals in paper form and, like so many, get anything in digital format. Looking to start a group, small one, of gamers to play on a regular basis, what game we play is not that important as long as it's not the new World of Darkness or D20 (AD&D3.0), those two I just don't want to play. The manuals I have or will be getting are in my tags. Would love to start up a Murphy's World campaign some day. My site is RPGCN, if anyone wants to get an online chat game going let me know! I can set it up, even build the website and the chat system can be tailored to your liking.

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