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Local game looking for more players updated 8/2018


*Recently picked up D&D 5E and will be switching the main campaign over to this when we start back up, after some StarFinder fun!

Running an on going home-brew campaign in Pathfinder and soon StarFinder!

We are looking for 1 more player to add to the 3 we have now. Fun, laid back game play with little need for a "rules lawyer".

All of us are near or just over 40 and have been involved with RPG's most of our lives and somehow we still don't know all the rules lol. That doesn't stop us from having a good time.

If you enjoy fun play with a good story, send me a note.

We play at my home in Lansing MI, on Thursday nights. Start time is 6-7pm to about 10:00pm, depending on peoples schedules and mood :). We are open to moving the game night to Fridays

We also mix it up with player run games and other non-RPG games like Munchkin, Arkham Horror, or we BS about movies and comics all night!

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