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Well ive been a gamer for years and have played a lot of systems. I am now looking to start up a new solid gaming group once or twice a week hopefully. I'll be running a Palladium system (though modified ) game ive a few different bases to start the group from one is as super powered versions of yourselves (Ive hard lined the stats the powers will modify them though). Another is A space exploration and adventure game a combo of a lot of themes. As a general rule in my games anything can and will happen. I'm not a pc killer (i prefer to let them do that all on their own lol), but dont expect to piss off a major military or dragon and get away with it. I generally have several plot lines set up and let the character's go their way. I always find the characters find away around the planned adventure, so let them there is more then one way to do things. Here's the setting the circumstances and your characters find a solution (or don't). Although the gods and such are present in my game they wont be interfering in the campaign, unless the characters actively involve them. If your not familiar with the system its not a big problem. Being new to the game, Ill establish some basic (house rule's). I just want to get a stable steady group together we can do a shake down game and establish everyones style then get into the nitty grittty of a good game and group (friends0 and have an epic and hopefully enjoyable game. Ive got a lot of source material and games and am incorperating a lot of it into one expansive world. Some fully fleshed out some built along the way. If your hyped on a descent campiagn and a good group then contact me and let's see what happens. i'll be running the game from my home since ive a ton of books to take if we game some where else. we usually all chip in for food (delivery) and game for hours. the coffees always on lol. Really all you need to supply is yourself (pencils and dice if you have them) and your imagination. The basic game is loosely based on the Palladium Rifts/Aliens unlimited System. S.D.C.. I try to give the players as much le-way as possible as far as character's go. At Present we have a "Wolf-like robot (used to be a cyborg). An extremely stealthy feline who can create crystal out of thin air he can make blades armor etc. an extremely strong and humorless combat specialist who can do extra-damage to the supernatural. And last but not least we have an alien rubber humanoid, who can channel some of the light he adsorbs into blasts. the game will be every Wednesday. I am also looking at setting up a bi- weekly Monday game.

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