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Looking for games to join.


Standard geeky guy. My preferred RPG is 3.5 D&D, and I also love Dragon Warriors. I prefer high-fantasy settings over other kinds. Cyberpunk is cool, space rpgs I'll usually pass on, table-top games based on video games or TV shows I'll usually pass on. I really dislike playing 4th ed D&D, but it's better than nothing at all.

Looking for a new gaming group to join. One with a regular game following an ongoing campaign would be ideal. My current group is full of asshats and I'm sick of playing with them, but I can't go without playing at all.

I have a friend in the group who is also interested into getting into a new group with me, so ideally the group I join would have room for two people, but if there's room for only me that's cool too. :P

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