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Old School Roleplayer

I've been playing since about 1987, and I've played most games that came out before and since then, until around 1998. Just a smattering of experience with more recent games, but I've not liked it. I haven't played regularly in years either due to lack of interest by other players or conflicting styles of play.

I'm looking for games that challenge the players (not the character sheets) in combat, role-playing, and puzzles. Not at all interested in D&D after WotC. I enjoy character development in a story, but I also need the cerebral enjoyment of maneuvering through a cavern or solving a mystery. I am a GM, although I play just as often.

CURRENT GAME: I'm running a Champions game starting January 6, 2018 mostly with old friends. We meet on Saturdays roughly once a month (every four weeks). New players are welcome! But I am considering a move north to the Rockford, IL area in a year or two.

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