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GM looking for group or players; prefer indie RPGs

I'm a long-time gamer in my mid-thirties, as well as a husband and father.

I enjoy playing and GMing. I have a lot more experience GMing than playing, but I'm open to either. I'd also be happy to rotate GMing if others in the group like GMing as well.

The group that I've been playing with for the last several years shrunk recently. The future of that group is very unclear right now. I'm looking for new players to add to that group or an existing group we can join. I'm also looking for groups that just I would join.

My current group is spread out between West Jordan, Lehi, and Orem. Anywhere in Salt Lake County or the northern half of Utah County should work.

I'm been playing RPGs since I was 8 years-old. I started with D&D, then I played a lot of World of Darkness in my teens and early twenties. These days I prefer "indie" games. Some of my favorite systems include the Apocalypse World Engine (e.g. Dungeon World, Monster of the Week, Urban Shadows), Cortex Plus (e.g. Firefly, Smallville, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying), Fate (e.g. Dresden Files, Atomic Robo, Ehdrigohr), and Burning Wheel. There are also dozens of other systems that I own and would love to try out (I've listed around a hundred systems in my Tags section that I own and would like to use). I'm not really interested in D&D (any edition) or Pathfinder these days. They're good games and I have a lot of great memories, it's just not what I'm currently interested in.


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