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Played AD&D in 1980s. Am looking for 5e D&D.

I used to play D&D way back in the late 1970s and early 1980s (Advanced D&D). I have been DMing a game for my kids (20 and 16) and their friends. I'm a fan of 5th Edition.

We started playing 4th Edition but I found it very different from what I played when I was young and didn't like it as much (too battle/encounter oriented, too much power for first level characters, etc). Then I found the D&D Next playtest and we started playing that instead. D&D 5e seems to play much more like the D&D I remember from my youth.

Since posting this I have found a great place to play at Jetpack Comics in Rochester, NH. There is welcoming and active community of 5e D&D players there. Wednesday night Encounters and Saturday Expeditions (usually, sometimes something else).

UPDATE: Since posting THAT, I found a much closer Adventure League group at Stairway to Heaven Comics in Newington (only a 7 minute drive rather than the 20-25 minute drive to Jetpack in Rochester).

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