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RPGs, shadowrun, board games

Hey! I played games like D&D and warhammer fantasy roleplay as a teenager, but as my gaming group grew apart I've been left with just one tabletop friend. I've never really liked playing pen and paper one-on-one so I'm looking for a couple people to help round out a group.

I've played WFRP and Dark Heresy in the past and really enjoyed the relatively simple system

Shadowrun is a setting relatively new to me that I'd really like to experience. The themes just mesh together so well, and who doesn't like bionic orcs?

I've got a few different board games that we can play(Pandemic, Battlestar Balactica, etc.) until we know each other well enough to know what we want out of the pen and paper game we go with.

Aside from that, I've also enjoyed playing Mordheim and Necromunda with my friends and wouldn't mind starting a campaign of that.

My schedule is flexible, just preferably no weekday nights.

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