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Experienced DM & Player for Pathfinder or other RP

I'm a 26 year old male Human still working on that second level of Expert. Been a player and a DM for mostly D&D 3.5 for over 8 years, big fan of Pathfinder these days too, as well as other systems based off the d20SRD. Also enjoy FFG's line of Warhammer 40k RPs (Black Crusade especially) and their Star Wars RPG has been tickling me in all the right spots.

I'm newish to Austin, only moved here summer of 2015, and still growing an extended circle of eccentric friends to play Tabletop Roleplay, Board Games, Video Games, or even just drink and/or converse. Preference to more veteran members of the scene, and extra preference to those bursting with enthusiasm, humor, and creative energy.

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