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I am a Gamer.

I am a gamer. I've played a plethora of roleplaying games, and am always willing to try a new game now and again. I prefer roleplaying games to most other games, but the occasional card game or board game can always be fun too.

I am also a game master. I've run my fair share of roleplaying games over the years, and am always looking for fellow gamers to share the hobby with.

I'm up for pretty much any sort of RPG. As long as someone is willing to teach me.

Ideally, what I'd like to find is a group of gamers who are looking to play a semi-regular long-term on-going game, such as D&D, or whatever... and who are also interested in gaming with other games, try that game system you bought but never got to play as a one-shot, or a quick three-shot adventure.

There are some RPGs I'd love to try, but haven't gotten the chance to, like Dogs in the Vineyard, or Birthright, Burning Wheel, and D&D 4th Edition.

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