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Looking for a weekly group, pref D&D 3.5 or such!

Hi, I'm very interested in finding a weekly evening gaming group in the Vancouver or Portland area! I played in Minnesota before I moved west with my husband and kids, but we haven't been able to get into a group here. I will be probably joining by myself, since we wouldn't have babysitting for the kids and he has an odd sleeping schedule. I have a few years of experience playing, mostly D&D 3.5, and some 4, not many other games. I really prefer 3.5 or 3, or Pathfinder over 4 or 5, but honestly I would probably join any version to have an excuse to get out and game! I have DM'd twice in 3.5, but both were short term games and I feel I have a lot of learning to do. If a group wants me to DM I will to be able to join, but I feel that I and you would probably enjoy the game more with me as a participant. I am a 36 year old female gamer, and I am fun and friendly, not into drama or arguments. I would love to make friends outside of the game too, give me a chance!

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