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Long time roleplayer deeply into rich character driven stories with tons of drama and two-fisted action. I love a lot of systems and am always looking for new worlds to explore. For me, roleplaying isn't about killing monsters and getting loot (though that's certainly a fun part of it) it's about creating stories that you can cherish and are worth remembering and retelling. It's that sense of being able to dive into a setting and explore it as though you were really there, and pursue the goals and desires of your character and really leave a mark on the world--or at least try. I love gritty baseline gaming where you earn your victories and the characters are rich in history and detail and down to earth real.

I have a deep love of Dungeons & Dragons: every edition and campaign setting.

We've got an awesome local gamestore called Gamesmith Games here in Wenatchee WA that I'm crazy passionate about supporting. If you get a chance to stop by it's in the parking lot behind Target on the north end of town, under the Sew & Vac business.

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