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Gene's worlds! Fantasy, superheroes, space opera

I've been a Game Master since 1982 and have role-played using many rules systems in multiple genres. I generally prefer high fantasy, steampunk, comic book superheroes, some time/dimension travel, and space opera.

I've run homebrew campaigns using GURPS 3/4e, Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition, Pathfinder ("D&D3.75"), and D20 Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Ed., as well as D20 Star Wars: Saga Edition. I'm currently running two groups on alternating weeks using FATE 3e Starblazer Adventures and Bulldogs for space opera.

My latest face-to-face group ranges from six to eight members and meets on most Monday nights, with occasional weekend one-shots, about 10 miles west of Boston. I've also run play by e-mail and teleconferencing teams. While we're typically full, I'm always interested in meeting mature, creative role-players (not "hack-and-slash roll-players" or "rules lawyers"). I'm also in contact with other local G.M.s.

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