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Gaymer in Homolulu lookin for friends +


I'm a gaymer in Waipahu. Moved here from Boston 7 yrs ago w/ my bf , He's since broken up w/ me & I've moved to Waikele w/ my new fabulous BF (altho he's not a gaymer like me :).

I'm into all sorts of games, here's a partial list:

past PC: WoW (61Belf-priest & 63Undead-warlock in the Taint & The Spreading Taint on Proudmoore), EQ (in the past, 50+ 1/2 Elf Bard in the Nameless Love on The Nameless server), YoHoHo Puzzle Pirates, current PC: facebook gayms, pogo gayms, yahoo gayms, etc

PS2: Silent Hill, Kingdom Hearts, Space Channel 5, Katamari Damasi, etc. PS3: Silent Hill, God of War I, II, & III, lil big planet, etc Wii: Wipeout, bowling, WiiFit, etc

RPGs: D&D, Amber, Champions, etc. (usually a spell caster or psychic type)

Board games: Empire Builder (& all it's ilk), Settlers of Catan (plus expansions), Solar Quest, Scrabble (I kick butt), the classics, etc. (I have a closet full of gayms)

Cards: MahJong, Munchkins, Godori, Spades, Hearts, the classics, etc.

Willing to learn & try all sorts of new games.

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