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I am used to being part of a tight nit role-playing (RPG) / gamming group, I currently live in a Mountlake Terrace house which has room to host games. I am able to run games for a good number of players or even be a player myself. I am a fun loving person who enjoys putting a good background on the characters I create and enjoy getting into the part. I like storys not just mindless games. I have many gamming books some on PDF or others the actual prints themselves. I have even made up some of my own game systems and rules, play tested a few systems

Im looking for adult minded people to play with on a regular schedule I am not in the mood for childish pointless games. If you already have a group and looking for more or are an individual looking to be a part of something fun. I need to put a strong emphasis on Role playing and not Roll Playing. If you do not know the difference then you are probably not someone I am going to be interested in playing with. If you think I might be a good fit drop me a line and let’s talk!

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