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Life is too short for just D20 ;-)

Playing RPGs since 1981

Posting and receiving messages as GameOpsDir on the Tabletop Roleplaying Open forums on rpg dot net.

Currently test-running Savage Worlds Battletech with my visiting son

RPG Systems I currently play or run: Savage Worlds, FATE

A few of the RPG Systems I have familiarity with or have ran in the past: GURPS, Mutants And Masterminds 2nd Ed, Classic Traveller, Mechwarrior 2nd Ed/BattleTech, ORE.

Genres I play or run games in: WW2/Alt. WW2, Modern Alt. History, Steampunk, Modern Horror, Swashbuckler Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi, Modern Superheroes.

Games I'm interested in playing or running that I have little to no experience with: Mutants & Masterminds, Eclipse Phase, FATE, ORE That doesn't rule out trying other stuff.

I bounce between two different RPG groups, and dividing time between them gets hectic at times, but it's generally worth it. Most of what the two groups play is home-brewed scenarios and campaigns, which generally cuts down on the more gratuitous meta-gaming. Most of us in both groups are not huge D20 fans for various reasons. Some of my reasons are religious ("I believe D20/D&D 3.5 should not be solely played because WOTC/Hasbro is using it in conjunction with the OGL in an attempt to monopolize the RPG industry."), some are not ("D20 is a sub-par reality model because there is no mathematical curve in the roll of just the d20 die"). It's just my opinion and I treat it as just that. Others might have different opinions about my RPG choices ("GURPS sux 'cuz it's too hard"), but I do my best to respect, or at least tolerate, their RPG choices. Hey, at least they're playing.

Some of the RPGs as of late: Night's Black Agents: This just looks like it will rock. I've completed the read-through, and I'm impressed. More as it develops. UPDATE: Yes, this was very fun. Rules for gun damage need tweaking.

EABA: Fires of Heaven. Interested, but would probaby port it. UPDATE: Tabled sine die.

Classic Traveller: Tabled sine die.

Modern20: since it bridges the gap between D20 Modern and, well,... games that are not (IMHYDAO) as in-game process-heavy. UPDATE on Modern20: It's not bad, it just suffers from some of the shortcomings of D20 Modern, to include fixed lethality of weapons vs. increased PC lethality resistance. Not an issue for low-level games, but a potential issue above, say 8th or 9th level. Might port the damage save system from True20 to 'fix' that. Tabled sine die.

Savage Worlds: Fringeworthy/Fallout (running on and off)(wiki "Fringeworthy", it rocks on toast!)

Savage Worlds/X-Men: It was glorious! Our buddy C. ran it and it was thoroughly fun!

Savage Worlds/Day After Ragnarok: Back burner.

Savage Worlds/Bureau 13: Everbody loved it, will run again, no doubt.

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