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GURPS. Check profile for more info.

Some of the campaigns we've played recently:

- Black Ops where two men fight their way through an entire army to destroy a portal to another dimension.

- Zombie invasion in a Southern Alberta rural town where the main characters are an angry plumber, a pentecostal minister and an Islamic extremist.

- A fantasy on a series of floating cities created by an ancient race where the characters were members of the defense forces for one of the cities.

Future plans include a series of adventures by a squad of space marines, an epic fantasy akin to high level D&D style games, a Star Wars pre-KotoR campaign, cyberpunk shenanigans and more of the black ops.

If these would interest you, send me a message me and we'll see if we can arrange a meet-up. Knowing the systems we play is not a prerequesite to enjoying the campaigns.

Actually, you know what? I don't trust the messaging system on here because it always winds up in my spam folder. Email me directly at namethatspam 'at' gmail 'dot' com.


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