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A RPG Convention on 21 & 22 October 2007.

Furnace is a tabletop roleplaying game convention in Sheffield UK, taking place on the weekend of Saturday 10th - Sunday 11th October 2009 at The Garrison Hotel.

There will be space for 70+ delegates and you are most welcome to join us for a convivial weekend of roleplay gaming amongst the seven hills of Sheffield. Set in a former army gaol, 4 of the gaming tables are set in the cells of miscreants and scallywags. Where better to game!

Information will become available over the coming weeks on this website as we gear up for a fun weekend of roleplaying games. Please use the forum at the Tavern to chat about the convention; the games you want to bring and play and anything else that strikes you. The Tavern’s First Age, Newt, Darran and Guvnor are bringing this new event to you and we are happy to help with any of your questions.

Look forward to meeting you at Furnace 2009!

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