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D&D, RPGs, Serenity, GW Tabletop games...

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I'd love to get in a D&D 3.5 group, but 4th Edition is ok with me too. I'd also love to play the Serenity RPG again as I think its a great setting and is lots of fun to play. I want to try the GURPS; haven't played it yet but it seems like its an interesting way to run things. A Superhero RPG would be fun for me to as I don't think I've ever played one but I love comics.

I'm also a tabletop gamer; Mordheim is my absolute favorite of them (I run a campaign at my local game store every summer & I have 7 different warbands). I'm into Warhammer Fantasy & 40K also. And I dabble a bit in Warmachine but I'm still getting used to the differences between it & the Games Workshop games.

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