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I'm looking for a fun place to play with a laid-ba

My name is Paul and I am, at present, running The One Ring on a combination of a phpBB forum and Roll 20, which is the world of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings as done by Cubicle 7 Entertainment. I want to get a game of Torg Eternity running where I am, on the tabletop, but I'm having the greatest difficulty finding anyone who DOESN'T want to play bloody damn Dungeons & Dragons! At present, I do not have a work schedule and am uncertain what I will be doing in the near future and, as a consequence, I would like to play on Friday or Saturday night.

I am a GamesMaster and have practiced my craft since late-1990, beginning with the original Torg: Role-Playing the Possibility Wars, though I've played since 1983 with Dungeons & Dragons, among many other RPGs. I do not play D&D or Pathfinder, nor White Wolf, but I have run Warhammer FRP 2nd Edition and would gladly PLAY 4th Edition, Earthdawn 1st and Classic, among other games on our shelves. I would be most happy to play, but I need a strong GM who knows the game well enough that I feel comfortable playing, as I tend to eventually run the games in whatever group I am participating in and I don't want to do that, anymore. I DO NOT challenge a GMs ruling, though I may discuss it with them after the session, and I TRY to help the GM if I'm able; I have no qualms being taken aside and having a direction set to go in, even one against the group, muahahahaha.

As normal, however, I want to be able to play sometimes. I would LOVE to be able to play in Torg Eternity, in The One Ring, in Earthdawn, in WFRP 2nd or 4th; but it's tough to find a GM that is not anti-Christian, or who leans too far to the left/Liberal. Please note that I do NOT discriminate against those who are not Christian, but I've not found a lot of non-Christian role-players who will tolerate the beliefs of anyone who is a Christian, of late. I do not go around shoving my beliefs on anyone, as I am also a combat veteran and I fought for everyone's right to be left alone in their thought process and beliefs. All of that said, I am happy to make your acquaintance otherwise, and will be happy to PLAY.

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