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I started with D&D (1st edition) in 1990 playing with a friend and his significantly older brother's group. After their group I joined a group playing AD&D and I've been playing D&D solidly ever since. I've stuck to 3.5 since it was released. I tried 4e but found it no fun and haven't been interested, although I've been paying close attention to 5e.

Just before 3e came out, our AD&D group had a player who had been running VtM since it was released and expressed interest in giving our group a try with that game. I've been playing and storytelling in the (classic) World of Darkness ever since.

I own the majority of D&D 3.5 books, excluding a few supplements I wasn't interested in or sold after determining they weren't as useful as I first thought. I also own a nearly complete collection of VtM and VDA books, as well as all of the core books plus a few supplements of the other classic World of Darkness games.

I've tried a great deal of other systems, but find that these two systems (D&D 3.5 & WoD) are the ones I always come back to.

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