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Dungeoneer' Guild D&D Group

The Dungeoneer’s Guild is a gaming group has been actively playing D&D for continuously since 2003. We are always looking to meet new gamers interested in joining our group. We are open to players of all types and ages. Veteran and novice players are welcome. A willingness to play D&D is all you need…and some dice, of course. Game Times: We meet every Monday at 5 pm and play to 11 pm. Where We Play: We play out of my home located in north Tacoma. I have a large gaming table and comfortable chairs for all the players. What We Play: We play a hybrid version of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. It is primarily 2nd edition rules combined with 1st edition, “basic” D&D, and my own rules. If you are not familiar with these editions, but are familiar with other editions, learning the rules should not be difficult as the basic principles of D&D are universal. If you have not ever played an RPG before, or have only a little experience, we will gladly teach you how.

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