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Adventurer seeks stellar group for Pathfinder game

(Last updated 10AUG2014)

Objective: Looking for a local group of fellow fantasy/sci-fi heads to meet up weekly/bi-weekly for some hardcore questing. Have 4 years exp in Pathfinder with off and on exposure to white wolf games such as vampire the masquerade. Haven't played any straight D&D before (2nd, 3.5, 4e) aside from house rules using D&D stuff in Pathfinder, but I'm quick to pick up game mechanics and am always willing to try.

Roles: I'm most familiar with both physical classes (fighter, rogue) and spontaneous spell casting classes (sorcerer, oracle), but am always open to put together a build that better compliments the team. Last character I played was a lvl 2 Fighter/lvl 4 paladin, wielding a heavy crossbow I became the parties tank/artillery piece for rallying; always ready to take hits, lay down fire.. and hands :)

Info: Names Dom and I'm a bro of 27. I'm usually free Fri and Sat, any other day I'd have to get game time in before work (3pm). On the whole I'd say I'm a laidback go with the flow type with an animated personality. HUGE Star Wars fan, social drinker, love to throw on some anime or go 1on1 in Soul Calibur, as well as kick back and party.

If you're in need of a player for a series of one-shots or looking for something more long-term just drop me a line at my email and we'll chat up the details, and all goes well hopefully get together for a kick ass time. Take it easy.

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