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We are a married couple. I enjoy DMing, she enjoys playing. We have one other dedicated friend who plays, but would like to meet and play with a fuller group. We aren't super heavy into RP but do enjoy injecting it into our gameplay and are interested in becoming more RP centric.

Our game of choice currently is Dungeons & Dragons 5 edition. Besides this we have played and enjoyed games such as Cards Against Humanity, Superfight, Uno, Munchkins, Magic the Gathering, and we are interested in being introduced to other tabletop games.

One or more of us has our vices but are willing to leave them at home.

We have several accouterments for playing DnD 5e such as, the base set of 3 books (PHB, MM, DMG), Map, several dice sets, a few minis, and cardboard minis.

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