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Oh, let's see...

I'm 38. I started out playing a lot of the OG games back in high school--D&D, Shadowrun, Call of Cuthulu, Vampire--and that was mostly what I played until about five years ago. I was playing pathfinder and got burned out on the grind and system mastery required, so my group switched over to FFG's Star Wars system. Since then I've really gravitated towards anything where RP was welcome at the table. There have been a few brief experiments that actually made it to the table (Fiasco, Fading Suns, Gamma World, Mutant Year Zero) and have tried to keep up with various systems through reading around and the podcasts on the One Shot network. I've read through Apocalypse World and a few games based on the engine (e.g. Dungeon World and Monster Hearts), and I've been really interested in the inter-character dynamics built into the system.

Most of this all happened while I was living in New York for the past decade. I moved back this January and have been looking for a new group.

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